Proud to offer Tiny Homes and Tiny Home DIY Kits, with 100% of our proceeds directly benefiting homeless veterans.

Operation: Tiny Tribute (run by Warrior Homesteads) is proud to offer Pre-designed Tiny Homes and Tiny Home DIY Kits. A portion of the sale price includes a donation, in your name, to help a homeless veteran obtain a single occupancy tiny home of their own.

Warrior Homesteads is an all-volunteer Cincinnati based 501(c)3 non-profit. We provide free tiny homes to homeless veterans, with no strings attached. Operation: Tiny Tribute is our continuous fundraising effort in conjunction with our partner Trailer Made Custom Trailers. For every Tiny Home DIY Kit (Tiny Home Foundation with or without wheels and Tiny Home Framing Kit) sold through our program, Trailer Made donates a percentage of the sale to the program in your name. Once we have raised enough, we assemble a complete and furnish a Trailer Made Tiny Home Kit. The home is then delivered to a veteran in need who has access to private land (family, land donors, etc). We are also developing a nationwide network of trailer parks, and RV sites that will host our heroes for free!

“The Friedman” our 20′ single occupancy unit. Tiny Home Kit donated by Trailer Made.

The house above was given away on June 15th, 2019 in Cincinnati Ohio! The entire tiny home kit (worth over $9,000) was donated by our Operation: Tiny Tribute’s main sponsor Trailer Made Custom Trailers! Trailer made has been supporting Warrior Homestead’s for close to six years now, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Huge thanks to our other sponsors as well, none of which we could have done this without!

We were connected with this veteran through our local partners Easterseals! Huge thanks due to Chris Macklin (our veteran specialist through Easterseals). His dedication and heart are second to none. Operation: Tiny Tribute is beyond honored to have such an amazing group of folks willing to help!