16' MicroLoft DIY Framing Kit

All Operation Tiny Tribute™ tiny home framing kits are made from 20g Galvanized CFS (Cold Formed Steel) for strength and ultimate durability. All studs are pre cut, labeled, predrilled and countersunk. The countersinks create a “snap together” experience before fastening, unparalleled in simplicity of assembly. Each kit comes with a custom trailer to fit your framing system, the steel studs to create all exterior walls and ceiling panels, the hardware to assemble the fames, the hardware to affix the frame to the trailer, and a detailed instruction booklet and blueprints. We also offer upgrades to the package that include decking insulation, decking, and sheathing as well (see below). Trailers and steel frames carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If you would like the exterior framing to be installed for you, so you can finish the home, no problem. We call that a “shell build” and we offer this service with most framing kits. If you would like a custom bid for a shell built unit, please specify below in the “special requests” field, and one of our team members will reach out to you to get you an accurate estimate. NOTE: This model includes installed pressure treated exterior decking planks. Customer must paint/stain them to your color palette.  

16′ MicroLoft DIY Framing Kits start at $24,420 + Shipping 

Decking Insulation Kit

The recommended method for insulating the deck of your tiny home is Closed Cell Polyurethane Expanding Spray Foam. We are happy to include a spray foam kit with your order, please make sure to choose "spray foam kit" in the drop down menu to the right.


Subfloor Decking and Hardware Kit

We use premium 23/32" subfloor, panel adhesive, and a specialized type of fastener that permanently affixes the subfloor decking to the trailer. If you prefer, we can include the subfloor kit (not included with DIY tiny home framing kits), please choose "subfloor decking kit" from the drop down menu to the right.

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