24' MiniLoft

This exquisite tiny home is a real gem! With its spacious and modern design, this 24′ (30′ pictured above but same layout) single pitch home is an ideal choice for a family of two or even a small family. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the ample storage options that are included in the standard model package. For instance, you can keep your items tucked away safely in the hide-away storage compartment under the stairs or store things in the drawers in each of the loft stairs. Additionally, there’s a storage loft space over the entrance that can easily be converted into a cozier sleeping area. What’s more, this tiny home features a wonderfully designed, full stand-up 36″ x 36″ shower stall, as well as a bathroom toiletries closet. You’ll fall in love with this tiny home, which is perfect for an in-law suite, and gives you the option of configuring the sleeping accommodation on the first floor.

The 24′ MiniLoft starts at $44,900 + Shipping