In early 2017 a combat veteran friend of Warrior Homesteads donated an older RV as opposed to selling it online. Although older, it was in amazing shape. Usually, the RVs that are donated to Warrior Homesteads are taken apart and sold for scrap, to help further our mission. Since the unit was in livable condition, we contacted some of our veterans in need to see if they wanted it.

The response was overwhelming.

Since then we have been trying to solicit more RV donations to fill the huge need we have for units. Knowing our struggle Trailer Made’s staff stepped up to the challenge, and offered their help.

One Home At A Time

Trailer Made has been supporting Warrior Homesteads for years, and now have committed their help in a big way. With every tiny home kit or tiny home trailer sold through Operation: Tiny Tribute, a percentage of the sale is donated directly to Warrior Homesteads!

Our all-volunteer staff helps coordinate all donations and any deeply discounted supplies obtained for the build. These materials are then provided to one of our certified building partners. Our partnering companies have committed their time and love to provide one of a kind creations, custom made for each veteran we help.

Each veteran is different and may have a different need. That’s why we proudly say we can build a tiny home for any veteran with any physical disability. Furthermore, our homes can be configured for virtually any environment, as not all homes are always going to be attached to a grid (receiving power from a power company but when local law permits).

No Project Too Large or Too Small

If you are thinking about building your own tiny home, mobile office, or even pop up shop, why not give us a chance to help. Our staff is passionate about making your vision come to life, and helping the most deserving Americans!

If you’re ready to get started with a tiny home trailer or a tiny home kit, request a quote now!


Glenn Grootegoed -Founder/Executive Director

Photo of Glenn Grootegoed

Glenn Grootegoed is the Founder and Executive of Warrior Homesteads, a Cincinnati based nonprofit. With over 20 years of experience in construction and custom fabrication, Glenn brings his unique passion for building to the team. In 2019, Warrior Homesteads launched “Operation Tiny Tribute”, a tiny home sponsorship program; an effort to provide new, safe, and permanent housing to our honored veterans via Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOWs). 

The son of two veterans, Glenn’s passion for helping veterans is very personal. Unable to serve in the military himself, he has found a way to ultimately do his own brand of service, helping those who have been forgotten. In his spare time, Glenn is an accomplished painter and social activist, volunteering his time with various homeless and women’s outreach services. He lives in Cincinnati with his beautiful wife Samantha and African grey parrot Bijoux. 

Steven Zubkoff -Senior Advisor

Steven has 29 yrs of experience in the development and financing of affordable housing in the USA, Mexico and Africa.  He served as Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity International Jimmy Carter work project.  He also served as a Director of Homeless International which provides financing and technical support to local housing delivery partners in Africa and Asia.  Committed to providing educational opportunities to all, Steven was a Founder and Executive Director of StudyNet Foundation which provides quality academic content via the internet. Warrior homesteads is proud to have been working with Steven since 2019.