Have a great idea for a mobile restaurant, pop up shop, festival experience, trade show or other custom or creative structure? Don’t see anything you like out there and want to build your own custom tiny home? We have you covered.

Yes, we design and build custom units for both private and corporate entities alike! Custom unit designs start at just $1,000 for homes and $5,000 for retail projects, The cost of which is applied towards the final payment of the unit if you choose to have us construct the design! We are also proud to offer discounted rendering services and design for other nonprofit causes. 

What you get with our design fee:

  • Private design charrette with one of our award winning designers. Once you have laid out the details of your perfect unit, we will begin the estimate process and renderings.
  • 9 visual design and render production hours. We produce full HD renderings of all units built, so there are no surprises when the unit is complete!
  • 2 free rounds of revisions
  • 5 Full HD renderings of your final unit 
  • (1) 5-15 second Full HD digital video of your unit you can share with your friends and family!
  • An estimate for your unit, valid for 14 days (steel prices fluctuate weekly).
Please fill out the contact form below. Someone from our staff will reach out with further information and explain the next steps. In the event that you do not decide to have us build the structure, you are not obligated to pay anything other than the design fees and you keep the digital renderings.