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Operation: Tiny Tribute helps coordinate your needs with a representative of Trailer Made Custom Trailers for pricing on their trailers and tiny house kits. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and tell us what your dream trailer would look like. 

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Picture yourself in your tiny home. Maybe it has a rustic look, with gleaming wood shelves, warm light, and neutral colors. Maybe your tiny home has a contemporary style, with sleek shelving and glossy accessories. Do you have a staircase leading up to a bedroom loft? There might also be a window seat extension in the back of a house or windows where you don’t devote the walls to storage.

No matter what design you have in mind, you need your tiny house to have strong bones to support it. That’s where using a Trailer Made customizable tiny house kits becomes most valuable. Traditional wooden beam construction is often too bulky and takes up too much of your small square footage. Wooden beams and supports are also heavy. So, if you want to take your tiny home around the country, a wooden frame might not be road-worthy.

That’s why Trailer Made’s tiny home framing kits are made from steel. Buy a tiny house kit from Trailer Made for a safe and sturdy tiny home.

Kits include the following:

  • Trailer Made Tiny House Foundation Trailer
  • Spray Foam and Decking of trailer bed (this completes sub-floor)
  • Steel frame bundled on the trailer for your assembly (includes all of the studs/track, screws and Simpson Tie hardware needed to erect and attach your frame to the trailer.

    What type of trailer are you wanting?
    Bumper PullGooseneck

    How long of a trailer are you interested in? (2-Foot Increments)

    How wide of a trailer are you interested in? (Standard 8'; Range - 8' to 11' 8")

    Desired Axel Rating
    2x 6,000 lbs (12K)2x 7,000 lbs (14K)3x 6,000 lbs (18K)3x 7,000 lbs (21K)

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